Walking Holidays in Europe

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There are people who don’t like holidays on which they have to stay indoors all the time. Europe is blessed with scenic beauty which is too good to be left unexplored. If you want to stretch your legs and enjoy nature’s splendour simultaneously, then walking holidays in Europe can be a good option for you. There are various locations in Europe where you can trek. In fact, there are several types of holidays for walkers and trekkers which are now available. Here are some of the best choices.

If you want to look at the various cultures which are spread throughout Europe, then you can go on a cultural walking holiday. Such holidays are planned in a way as to make you familiar with a number of cultures around the continent. Furthermore, you can go to a place embellished with culture, such as Spain. This will be a boost not only for your body but your mind as well.
There are many cities ideal for walking holidays in Europe. They have been constructed in a way to make them suitable for walkers. Cities also provide ideal break points for walkers coming in from the mountains or looking to cross into another country. Many people tend to ignore the city because of the lack of scenery and greenery, but that is a wrong approach.
There are holidays which will take you through the wildest places in Europe. There are dozens of natural parks across Europe, in places you won’t even think about. You can experience the whole jungle experience and your trek can be like a safari.

Isle of Wight
There are few locations which attract as many walkers as the Isle of Wight. It is a destination for trekkers round the year. There is a 500-mile stretch of footpaths which spans the island. These footpaths have signs and directions for travellers. Moreover, on your way, you will go see rivers, forests, fields and much more.

France, Spain and Italy offer some of the best food on the planet and you can incorporate the eating experience into your walking holiday. It will ensure that you don’t pack on the pounds, yet be able to treat your taste buds to exotic foods.