Tips For First Time Cruisers

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If you’re looking for some advice and tips that’ll make your cruising experience that much better here are some useful tips for first time cruisers.

  1. Research what other cruisers have to say. They will know about what is included and what isn’t. They will know how much things cost too. Also be very aware of all the charges that are added on to the cruise price. That can add up to a shock.
  2. It’s ok to book your own excursions if you are already acquainted with each port of call. But if it’s your first time on a cruise it is better to book through the ship. You can book your shore excursions independently from Carnival – you will only pay about 1/2 of what Carnival charges for the same excursions.
  3. Check out any independent vendor carefully. Check them out on and
  4. Pre-pay everything you can early such as your pre-paid gratuitites, hotel rooms for before and after the cruise and buy fun ship dollars which can be used as an onboard credit. This way when you step on the ship the¬†money in your wallet is yours and you don’t have to worry about it.
  5. If you are ill or have an emergency and have to fly home, YOU WILL NEED A PASSPORT.
  6. Carnival does allow passengers to bring up to 12 cans/bottles of soda or water per passenger and will allow each adult at time of embarkation to bring 1 bottle of wine. Don’t forget to take your wine with you when you board. Each adult can take one 750ml bottle. It’s nice to have it in the room the first night then you can sail away with a nice glass of wine.
  7. Definitely pamper yourself and use room service often.
  8. Remember to tip.