Around the World


Over 50 days I travelled through 3 continents and 6 countries, met friends from Canada, United States and France before going back to South Africa.

Around the World (HD)- Song from the Life of Pi Official Trailer

It definitely was a once in a lifetime opportunity specially at the age of 18.

Thank you to all the people I encountered along my way!


Places shown: Lampeter (Wales, UK), London (UK), Paris (France), Kruger Park (South Africa), HESC (Hoedspruit, South Africa), Langley (BC, Canada), Rocky Mountains (BC, Canada), New York City (USA), Tatton Park (Cheshire, UK), Train footages (New York- Hartford) (Paris- London)

*** Song from the Life of Pi Official Trailer – I do not own any rights over the background song, credits should be given to its author *** *** I do own the rights of the footage seen in this video, do not copy or edit without permission***