Bavaria In Germany Travel Guide


Bavaria the largest state in Germany with an area of 70500 square kilometers is well endowed with natural riches: snowy Alpine peaks, rushing streams and velvety forests.

Bavaria has international borders with Switzerland and Austria in the south, and Austria and the Czech Republic on the east.


Bavarian has a wealth of historic buildings and some of Germany’s best art museums. The most popular route through Bavaria is the Romantic Road, a trail of walled towns and ancient watchtowers culminating in the world’s most famous castle, the sugary Neuschwanstein, near F├╝ssen in the Bavarian Alps. The mountains have first-class resorts for hiking and skiing, incredible scenery and a wealth of beautiful frescoed villages. But Munich is Bavaria’s real heart and soul. It’s a stylish metropolis, a vortex of art and culture, yet a relaxed place that manages to combine Alpine air with Mediterranean joie de vivre.


Bavaria -Neuschwanstein