Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Cards This Summer



Leading identity fraud expert, Equifax is urging holidaymakers and festival goers to take extra care with their credit and debit cards this Summer as fraudsters are set to take advantage of people off their guard.


“Holidaymakers and festival goers make perfect pickings for fraudsters when people are more relaxed and less vigilant when it comes to their personal belongings”, said Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax. We are therefore offering consumers some common-sense tips to make sure they dont return from the sun with more than a bit of sunburn to get over.

Identity and credit card fraud is a very real threat to consumers, especially when they are abroad or in large crowds. And, with the latest figures from the UKs Fraud Prevention Service, CIFAS, showing nearly a 20% (19.8%) rise in identity fraud for the period of January to May this year, compared to the same period in 2011, Equifax believes its essential consumers take sensible precautions to protect themselves to help minimise the risk of fraud and take fast action if they do become victims.

Equifax’s Top Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Card Fraud in the UK and Abroad
  • Only take credit and debit cards that you are going to use
  • Don’t carry your PINs. When in crowds, keep your bag either strapped across your body or held firmly
  • A concealed money belt is an ideal way to carry your cards and valuables
  • NEVER leave a card behind a bar or let anyone walk away with it.
  • Double check the amount that’s been put into PIN Authorisation machine before you put your PIN in to ensure the amount has not been typed incorrectly
  • Cover your hand when entering your PIN in Authorisation machines in bars, restaurants, clubs etc and when using ATMs
  • When you are travelling abroad, make sure someone you trust in the UK has your passport number in case it is stolen and lost. Don’t carry these details around with you
  • Keep your personal documents, such as your passport, in the hotel safe at all times
  • Don’t clearly display your home address on your luggage. Instead, use a work address or a mobile phone number
  • Subscribe to an ID monitoring service to be alerted to any changes on your credit files soon as they happen.