Ginger Factory Holiday Attraction Queensland


The Ginger Factory is home to the largest selection of Buderim Ginger products in the world, from cookies to candies and even toys.

Entrance to the grounds and park area is free and then there are a few rides and tours that you can take part in that charge a small fee. This is a great family day out as it is fun, entertaining and can be enjoyed on any budget.

This is a popular Sunshine Coast holiday attraction and this video shows what the fuss is all about.

As I was heading towards the entrance I heard the sound of a train toot and next thing I see is an old style open carriage train go straight past the entrance. Before I had even entered the Ginger Factory the entertainment had started.

The greeting as we entered through the retail store was very friendly and after grabbing a guide to the park we walked through to the gardens to begin exploring.

Ginger Factory Queensland

We went around the world searching for the Gingerbread Man on overboard, made my own gingerbread beach girl in the cookie jar, did the Superbee Tour which was quite fascinating and then enjoyed a delicious homemade ice cream on the Ginger Train.

Enjoy lunch or a bite to eat in the Ginger Cafe or if you have a sweet tooth then head straight the freshly onsite made ice cream.

And then at the end of your time there you pass through the retail store where you can purchase extra gingerbread man, sweet or anything else you would like.