How To Plan A Honeymoon In Europe


Thinking of a European Honeymoon?

Today we have some advice and tips on planning, setting up and enjoying a honeymoon abroad.

No matter if you are marrying in Europe or the marriage is in the US, these are helpful tips on making your honeymoon abroad as great as possible.


Some Tips

  • Start planning – the sooner the better. Planning ahead allows you time to budget accordingly and get necessary documents. Planning ahead also enables you to confirm that “one of a kind room” many resorts offer making your honeymoon even more special.
  • The Maldives and Fiji are amazing honeymoon destinations, but not if you have less than one week for your honeymoon. An exotic location is ideal if you have enough travel time and don’t mind long flights. Some locations require over a day travelling time and you also need adjust to time differences.
  • Many resorts offer all-inclusive options, allowing you to know exactly how much you will be spending. Some resorts go one step further and include excursions or catamaran sailings with their all-inclusive package.
  • Some destinations require Visas and it is also important to note what type of passport you are travelling under, many countries require passports valid 6 months after entering country.
  • It is always best to confirm with your doctor if they suggest vaccinations if you are travelling to an exotic destination.

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