Las Vegas Travel Guide

Las Vegas offers a great deal more than the gambling casinos for which it is famous. This city is like a huge multi-billion dollar film set where illusion and entertainment know no bounds. This video tells you about places to stay and things to do.


Some Places To Stay

  • The Luxor Hotel that was built at a cost of 400 million dollars and contains 2,526 rooms and an atrium that can accommodate nine jumbo jets. This is in stark contrast to the Excalibur Hotel that evokes King Arthur and his Round Table.
  • The exclusive Romanesque Caesar’s Palace contains some of the finest and most elegant shops in the United States that epitomize the height of luxury.
  • The Mirage Hotel boasts an erupting volcano and cascading waterfalls.
  • The Venetian is the world’s largest hotel with more than 6,600 spacious suites and a gondolier is on hand to transport visitors through a watery shopping mall as he graces them with an Italian love song.

Even the New York skyline is on full view and features Greenwich Village, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty and a screeching roller-coaster ride above the residential quarters of New York!