Melbourne Australia


Lighten up your world this summer with all the colours of Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia. This immaculate city does not only boast about its chic bars and music venues but actually lives up to its expectations.



Melbourne provides you with the adventure of your choice ranging from golfing, horse riding, motor racing, boating, fishing to just playing tennis with your business associate because Melbourne specializes in all the sports that the world has to offer. The people of Melbourne follow sports religiously and its encouraged to follow suit if you really mean to experience the lifestyle of this beloved city.

Plan a picnic to the lush botanical gardens or better yet if you’re in the mood to explore the city go on a bike ride along the Yarra River and be amazed by the greenery. And if you’re feeling a little dare-devilish then fly with the hot air balloons and breathe in the breathtaking view of Melbourne from above.

Find your sanctuary in the thriving nightlife of this mesmerizing city with various opulent bars, pubs and nightclubs to choose from and feel lighter than air while dancing to your favourite groove. This is your chance to socialize over the Dj’s latest tracks the rhythm of which makes you feel rejuvenated. If you’re a fan of live music then you’ve booked your flight to the perfect place. Melbourne has a knack for live music and appreciates for real talent and flair. So enjoy a night out with real music and treat your ears.

Dine-in in a myriad of awarded restaurants that serve sizzling hot and mouth-watering food that will send shivers down your spine. One taste will justify why Australian restaurants are unbeatable internationally. The aroma of espressos escapes the innumerable cafes and takes over the streets of Melbourne. South Melbourne and Prahran offer great cafe strips that give you a more laid-back feel than what you’ve ever experienced.

An ideal place for a convivial evening while sipping your favourite margarita and drinking away all your worries. Melbourne helps you relax and lets you live in the moment. Tired of your worries? Share a laugh at Melbourne’s international comedy festival that thousands of tourists rush to experience. Laugh and snap pictures to cherish the perfect vacation in your memory and in photographs. But all of this is only possible if you get out there and experience Melbourne yourself. Happy vacationing!