Puglia, Italy

Puglia is a region located on the East coast of southern Italy. Many past rulers from years ago have used this region for a base location to try and control both the Adriatic and Ionian seas. These days it is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful coastline and natural scenery.


The region of Puglia is home to many cities that were trading centres with the rest of ancient Greece. Following the rule of the Romans was the invasion of the region by the Byzantines. The Spanish then took over from the Byzantines and their influence of the region can still be seen.


Sights and Attractions

The region of Puglia is beautiful and packed with sightseeing potential. However, the most impressive area is Trulli. This present day World Heritage Site is packed with domed buildings, and a unique look. For great architecture be sure to visit Lecce and get a feel for its Baroque attractiveness and 17th century architecture. Another place of particular interest is San Giovanni Rotondo. Here you can visit the remains of ‘Santa Claus’ at the Church of St Nicholas.