Safari Travel Company Expands from Africa into Argentina

Natural High, the safari and wilderness travel company, announces that it is now moving beyond Africa and into South America. This move coincides with a brand new website which provides a much more effective shop window to show off the exceptional travel experiences that Natural High have on offer.

For the last decade, Natural High have been specialising in tailor-made safaris to East and Southern Africa and believe that their continuing success has been due to the teams knowledge and expertise and the excellent partners that they choose to work with on the ground. There are hundreds of wonderful places to visit in Africa, and Natural High will be continuing to seek these out. But the wild and remote places that can be found in Argentina, for example, are also sure to be of great interest to people who choose to travel with Natural High.

The owner of Natural High, Alex Edwards says; Outstanding travel is not just about the place but about the quality of the experience and our clients need to be sure they get the best possible experience, in the best possible place with the best possible people. We’ve been providing that service, for the last 10 years, in Africa and now we are going to be doing the same in Argentina. Imaginative travel is as much about culture as wild places and Argentina has huge amounts of both.

According to Natural High, Argentina offers wild adventure ranging from riding with gauchos in the high Andes, where you really do feel youre on the edge of the world or trekking up to the great Moreno glacier in Los Glaciers National Park. There are outstanding wildlife opportunities here to such as watching killer whales hunt off the coast of Patagonia. Here orcas, or killer whales as theyre more commonly known as, come twice a year to hunt seals. From a vantage point on the cliff, visitors wait with their guide, whose knowledge and skill about when these amazing creatures are coming, is nothing short of extraordinary.

And if travellers are interested in bird watching then a visit to Puerto Bemburg in Argentina’s Atlantic rainforest is spectacular. This is also the best place, from which to visit, the dramatic Iguazu Falls. There are walking trails which take you as close as you dare to go but there’s also a quaint little railway the makes its way to the appropriately and impressively named Devils Throat. Whichever route visitors take, its well worth the journey.

Tailor-made travel might sometimes be a little bit more expensive but Natural Highs customers can rest assured that the research has been done for them, which means that wherever they are, it’s possible to relax in the knowledge that they’re definitely in the right place for the particular experience they’ve chosen for their holiday.


Editors Notes

Natural High is a small company specialising in tailor made safaris and imaginative travel to Africa and beyond. Every member of the team has extensive experience, having been running or planning safaris and inspirational travel for more than 20 years.