Tibet Travel Agency Releases Updated Mt. Kailash Trek Information

Tibet Ctrip has released newly updated information about its Mt. Kailash trek. The trek around the base of Mt. Kailash is a sacred pilgrimage for Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists, and followers of the Bon religion.
While taking in unparalleled mountain scenery, travellers will have the opportunity to meet pilgrims and learn about a variety of different cultures.

A few interesting facts about travel to Mt. Kailash to address common questions and concerns:

  • The Tibet trek will begin in the village of Darchen, which sits at about 4600 m (15,000 ft). The highest point on the trek is at around 5500 m (18,000 ft) at Drolma Pass. The peak of Mt. Kailash is just over 6600 m (21,000 ft). TCTS provides camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and cooking gear. A yak person will be hired to carry equipment, although travellers are encouraged to carry a backpack filled with items that may be needed throughout the day.
  • In order to avoid altitude sickness, travellers will spend a few days sightseeing in Lhasa before beginning the drive to Mt. Kailash. During this time it is best to spend time resting and not engage in intense physical activity. Throughout the Tibet tour, it is important for travellers to drink as much water as possible.
  • The drive to Mt. Kailash takes about 4-5 days; this allows plenty of time for sightseeing. There will be stops in Gyantse, Shigatse, Lhatse, and at Lake Manasarovar. At these stops, travellers will visit places like Tashilhunpo Monastery, Kumbum Pagoda and Sakya Monastery.
  • Accommodation along the way ranges from standard tourists hotels to guesthouses ran by local Tibetans.
  • The Mt Kailash trek is perfect for travellers who want to see remote regions of Tibet without missing out on opportunities to learn about local culture. The adventure to and from Mt. Kailash provides numerous opportunities for visiting monasteries and temples while the trek around its base allows trekkers to experience a ritual that has been practiced by pilgrims for thousands of years.