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As technological advances have driven down the price of flying, paving the way for low-cost airlines to provide a cheaper way for people to take more regular holidays, more and more people are choosing to travel further around the world. Though this is enormously beneficial, as it allows people to enjoy new experience, there are also new risks involved for particular destinations and modes of travel.

Jet lag, for example, is a very common complaint for people traveling across multiple time zones. Another example is altitude sickness, a potentially fatal condition that can affect people ascending to new altitudes. The Travel Health section at OnlineClinic, which already includes information on and treatments for malaria and traveller’s diarrhoea, has been expanded to include conditions associated with travel such as jet lag, altitude sickness and motion sickness.

Jet lag is one of the most common adverse effects experienced by people who travel through time zones to a new destination. In simple terms, it occurs because the body gets used to the normal rhythm of your daily life, such as when to go to sleep and when to eat. Suddenly being in a new time zone throws off this normal rhythm, leading to symptoms such as difficulty sleeping and nausea. It is possible to minimise the chance of experiencing jet lag with the help of the Jet Lag Treatment Pack, now available at OnlineClinic, which contains a treatment that is melatonin-based to help prepare your body for sleep.

Altitude sickness is potentially far more serious than jet lag, as failing to acclimatise correctly to new altitudes can be fatal. Anyone traveling to altitudes higher than 2,500ft must take the necessary precautions while ascending to allow the body to acclimatise naturally. In addition to such precautions, some people find treatments such as Diamox useful to help them to avoid altitude sickness. Further information about altitude sickness and Diamox can be found at OnlineClinic.

Motion sickness can be a problem for people who are travelling even short distances. It can occur as a result of traveling by car, boat, train or aeroplane, and is caused by conflicting messages being sent to the brain from the vestibular system and the eyes relating to whether the body is actually in motion or not. This can cause symptoms such as nausea and a general feeling of sickness. There are treatments available in the form of tablets or patches, such as Avomine, Kwells and Scopoderm. Company Information

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