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Amalfi – Italy’s Fabled Coastline

In Southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a 28-mile winding narrow route of dramatic coastline that’s home to some of the most beautiful towns and stunning panoramas in Europe. It is one of Europe’s finest locations, a place of beauty where Sorrento and Capri light up the Italian landscape.


There is nothing more inspiring than shimmering light combined with an exhilarating landscape – and the Amalfi peninsula offers both, with paths that curve round sheer cliffs offering glorious views in all directions. The sea far below is a seductive, opal blue, with the beautiful island of Capri clearly visible offshore. Bisected by a dramatic spine of mountains rising to nearly 5,000 ft, there are great places to stay in ancient hill towns, tiny ports and there’s delicious local cuisine.

The Amalfi Coast stretches along the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in Southern Italy. This route has attracted visitors for thousands of years and inspired some of the world’s greatest artists and writers.

The area’s largest city, Amalfi is a great place to begin your vacation. It was a wealthy and powerful town during medieval times and you can visit the magnificent buildings that reflect that early wealth.