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Mittel Rhein Boat Tour

The Middle Rhine Valley reflects the history of Europe. With cultural monuments and cultivated countryside, crowded settlements along narrow banks and various noble castles situated on rocky ledges, it is a reflection of the romantic history of times gone by.


The journey begins in Koblenz, where, in around 1000 A.D. a castle was built on a knoll on the east bank of the Rhine and Castle Ehrenbreitstein gradually developed. Europe’s second largest fortress was given its appearance as we see it today, between 1817 and 1828.

  • Boppard has town houses, stately homes and churches that form the romantic old town. After the invasion of the Alemanni, a city wall was built in order to protect what was a toll castle and today the town has developed into an attractive tourist destination surrounded by woods and vineyards.
  • Bacharach nestles in the confluence of the Steeger Valley, into the extensive Rhine Valley, protected by a sturdy wall. Above the town is the Stahleck Fortress that was first recorded in 1095 and became the residence of the Count Of Palatine On The Rhine, in 1142.
  • Rüdesheim is a picturesque town that boasts more visitors than residents, its sunny location making it ideal for viticulture. A mediaeval church, wooden buildings and stately homes, and the famous Drosselgasse, characterise the city.