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Railway Journeys In Greece

Visit the birthplace of Western philosophy, government, and culture – where whitewashed buildings belie a colourful past. The sun soaked islands and glittering shores of the Mediterranean justify the trip but the real pull of Greece comes from its past. From Athens to the heights of Olympia, a rail holiday through Greece unveils a landscape which was old even in the time of the ancients.

Tourist Trains

A rack railroad takes you from Diakopto to Kalavrita, a historic town in the Peloponnese, on mount Helmos at an altitude of 2,343 ft ascending for 14 miles (22 km) following the steep slopes of the Vouraikos gorge. The mountains in the distance at the end are on the Northern side of the Corinthian Gulf.


The Greek railway company TRAINOSE operates services between some of the country’s main cities including Athens and Thessaloniki and you can enjoy stunning views along the way. New Intercity Express trains offer high quality and speed to guests of Greece travelling between Athens and Thessaloniki. There are overnight trains connecting Athens and Thessaloniki. Bikes are allowed on certain trains in the baggage car. Check locally if a ticket is needed. There is no additional cost to take a bike on the ferries of Minoan and Attica.

A steam train takes you from Ano Lechonia to Milies, up the picturesque Pelion mountain in the Thessalia region.