Walking Holidays

Tasmanian Walking Holidays

Two hundred years ago Tasmania was a British colony known as Van Diemens Land and it was so remote that its only use was as a penal settlement for the most hardened criminals. Times have definitely changed, yet that remote untamed island of history is never far away. Explore the pristine East Coast of Tasmania during a four day Bay of Fires Tasmania Walks. Led by well-informed guides, small groups traverse this wonderfully remote landscape offering an awe-inspiring escape with beautiful flora and fauna just awaiting your discovery.


Over the course of four days you can immerse yourself in one of the most pristine environments that Tasmania has to offer. Walk the soft sandy beaches, explore secluded coves, kayak the Ansons River and enjoy uncomplicated luxury. If you are looking for more ideas for things to see and do in Tasmania, this video may give you some ideas.