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The Azores – Travel Guide

The Azores islands are located between America and Europe and set amid the Atlantic Ocean, nine islands each with its own special landscape. With their authentic nature and harmony, the Azores islands are still waiting to be discovered. A paradise set in eternal blue with islands that hold the secrets of nature and an abundance of local pride. Evergreen jewels set amid the Atlantic Ocean!


  • São Miguel is Gateway to the Azores and the largest and most densely populated island of the Azores archipelago with steaming geysers, the opulent green of the tropics as well as numerous monasteries and settlements.
  • Terceira is located in the middle of the archipelago. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries its natural harbour was an important port of call for numerous trading ships and Pacos Do Concelho, City Hall, indicates the city’s former prosperity.
  • To the east of the island of Terceira is Serra Do Cume, a giant crater about ten kilometres wide. The interior of the crater consists of fields and pastures in which dairy cows graze peacefully.
  • São Sebastião is probably the oldest settlement on the island and was where the first Portuguese settlers set foot ashore. Threatened by pirate attack, the people built fortified churches, decorated in Gothic splendour.
  • Faial, the Blue Island, is one of the most visited islands in the archipelago and whose marina is well known throughout the world. It offers spectacular nature with a rocky coastline and volcanoes.