Make Your Legs Look Longer

Knowing what shoes to wear is often the most challenging part of creating an outfit, especially when it comes to dresses, skirts, capri pants and skinny pants – outfits where the shoes really stand out. How do you know the best way to decide on the shoes to wear, select shoes that make your legs look long and sleek and feel confident with your choices?


Shoes, like everything else we wear, create an optical illusion on your body. They can lengthen, shorten, highlight or fade into the background and knowing what will work and what won’t will help you find the best shoes for you.

Tips to extend the line of your leg so that you look taller.

  • Avoid any shoes with straps or anything else that’s going to cut off your legs as they effectively separate your feet and legs and make your legs look shorter again.
  • Choose open shoes that show the top of your foot to extend the line of your leg.
  • Heels make you look taller, however if you’re petite maybe stick with a kitten heel as it can make you look like you’re playing dress-up.
  • A nude heel is a great choice as it will make you look taller again.
  • A more pointed toe extends the line of your foot and makes your leg look longer.