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Norwegian Cruises

Norway is known for its beautiful scenery and striking wildlife. Norway ranked second in a 2013 world happiness report conducted by the United Nations. They looked at various factors, like life expectancy, prosperity, health, and social support, all indicating that Norway is a great place to be. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a hybrid cruising experience, mixing traditional elements with innovative features, amenities and ambience. The dress code is flexible and very casual. It’s not unusual to see T-shirt-clad passengers dining among their more dressed up shipmates.


Some Things To See & Do In Norway

  • Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords. These deep sea inlets are easily accessible and just waiting to be explored, surrounded by stunning views and other natural wonders.
  • Norway is situated above the Arctic Circle so during the summer, the country has 24 hours of daylight. This leaves plenty of time for fun things to do.
  • Norway has some of the deepest lakes in Europe and you can take a ferry ride through Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO world heritage site. There’s some beautiful scenery and dramatic views, all of which you can enjoy while relaxing on deck.
  • Norway is home to the spectacular Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. You can see the fantastic natural light show at certain times during the year.